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VOW Mission

Everyone has different situations, circumstances and struggles and yet VOW PrayerWaves and Sound experiences aim to reach those who long for support and to know the love of God in tangible ways.  By changing atmospheres and strengthening them with God's infallible word and love. 

We proclaim Jesus Christ and our expressions of Faith, gratitude to God are merely tools others can share in to help but not to replace peoples personal faith, studying the word of God or the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


At VOW we aim for preaching the Gospel, encouraging prayer and spreading the love of God, as shown through Christ, following Him as Lord and Saviour,  the way,

the truth and the Life.

God is the Sovereign Eternal Creator of all the Universe. He is Love. 

He is the only true VOICE OF WISDOM ,  (VOW) and 

 Christ Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Alpha & Omega (Aleph Tav).

The Holy Spirit or Spirit is also God, a person equal in every way with the aspect as we refer to as God the Father and God the Son. 


Help people know and experience the Living Word of God is Jesus Christ the Saviour and the Light of the World, 

"Jesus is the Living Word, made manfest into creation through the light he is, because through him all things are made," and "What he said became, through the words of Jesus, the Earth and man were made. 

In Yeshua, we are set free and proclaim his Kingdom.


VOW is about fellowship. discipling and saving Souls in authority of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Kingdom hope. We are very much a prayer and healing ministry. create living moving, spirit filled prayers to help realise the Kingdom of Heaven within as Christ said and raise peoples awareness of his saving grace, love,  voice, light, word, truth, promises and more.

We do this in prayer, mentoring and counselling over peoples lives. So you can rest in God's love and find redemption and the Kingdom of God on earth displayed truly through Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit


Change, hope and peace in God is one of the many experiences of the miracle power of spirit, truth and grace. In Father, Son and Holy Spirit there is transformation, victory

and eternal life.

Christ is the living Word, with the Holy Spirit who came as God here on earth to save us and forgive sins. VOW is dedicated to preaching the Gospel and Gods Word when life is unpredictable and let's be honest, often hard.

VOW is passionate about the trinity to help support you with our calling, ministry and available tools!

Sunset Kayak
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