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Walking With Heart


This is a Mentoring Walking programme Soak

For Recreation, Walking or Rest 


Important Information on the MP3 Download.

Track 1: MAIN Soak 
Running Time:  16.28 Minutes


1. Introduction

2. Walking With Heart Instrumental Preparing for the Journey

3. Main Soak

Instant Digital Download. 


This great and effective Soak is all about the heart, the physical heart, the emotional heart and even the spiritual heart. 
Uniquely Created to help strengthen, start and increase natural restoration and healing for the heart..  
Rejuvenate, release and calibrate the heart in all its facets. 
By using this programme you will bring new physical strength and even release and overcome emotional pain from life events or pain which is a result of serious or minor physical health issues. 


Designed to be safe, positive and uplifting, used regularly and even better if used with VOWs Soaking and Resting Programme Restoring the Heart both designed to ultimately change your heart for healths sakes and peace of mind by also assisting help your brilliant brains own patterns of healing, rehabilitation and normal restorative processes.

Let the tempo, the living sounds, the words and music bring tangible change. 





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