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Resting in


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Be Carried Into God's Presence

Perfect Moving PrayerWaves For Worship and ushering
in An Atmosphere of Kingdom Peace

VOW PrayerWaves are labours of love, compositions of moving prayer, scriptures, intercessions and living sounds created for resting, healing and meditating in prayer and word. 

Created to usher in the presence of the almighty and remember our loving Creator.

At VOW, we are devoted to and love Father God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit, the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient source of all life and aim to put that love to and fro in all the prayerWaves

and VOW programmes we create.

They are good for clearing atmospheres and bringing in an atmosphere of tangible love and appreciation for the presence of God and Christ!

We proclaim His name and majesty, scriptures, Hebrew and English. Specifically created to express thanks to God for life, creation in knowing Yeshua of Nazareth, the Light of the World (Alpha and Omega and contain subtle waves of devotional praye to Heavenly Father and Aleph Tav (Alpha and Omega) and the characteristics according to the canon of scriptures called the Bible.


We understand that pure nature tones are naturally are proven to be a tonic for soaking and rejuvenation and we combined them with that power purposely sourced the purest sounds of beautiful creation sounds to reveal God's Love, clarify, heal, clean and adjust you in your need in the purest of ways. All of the natural creation cries out the Love and return of him as he Loves us!


PrayerWave sounds release the Kingdom of God wherever released or played though we recommend headphones for optimal Effect. Enjoy and celebrate Fathers love and all that Jesus Christ did for us and cleanse your life and atmosphere.

They all take time to pour through into creation and it is hoped they touch you and take you into moments of presence with Heavenly Father and to the Kingdom of Heaven Within. God Bless You!

The Love of God is the Single Greatest Truth of ALL