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ALWAYS The first waves of love I never forget You glory woke up a sleeping giant Light shines deep, truth is truth In a breath of life Everything changed, so hopeful, so bright The future in you, as you called my name Yet it's always been you! I walk the eternal sands Standing by, in the midst Creation sings majestic praise Heavens window opens Glorious rain Your peace restored Nothing to fear, your love is true I am with you and you are here.

How Can I?

How can I be as Gods love A vast wave of light? His oceans of grace Embracing your shores Arms open wide. Solid as rock inside Never failing those When life can’t decide. How can I be timeless In give and take? Boundless like God’s mercy, Loving life’s tide, yet Rebuking stormy pride. How can I be the deep of compassion Flowing gently in the storm Washing away your pain Leaving dark clouds behind So the sun breaks through His radiant glory And you begin again.

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? Who Am I? But to be a Lighthouse, When darkness falls. Who Am I? But to illuminate truth, When accusation rules. Who Am I? But to project hope, When injustice stalls. Who Am I? But to reveal Grace, When hatred makes small. Who Am I? But to forgive, When rejection builds walls Who Am I? But to shine faith, When deception stands tall. Who Am I? But to show the way, When the World says fail, Yet Gods Love calls! By Christina Tracy

Hope Floats

HOPE FLOATS 💗 We walk the shores of life Searching each bay Treading sands of time For the way Still, be still As Waves of the night Wash away Another day of Sandcastles We couldn’t place high Ah, there it is again Hope floating an ocean Of tears Love as the wind, Carrying white wings, Breathing in, We begin again… By Christina Tracy

Let Me Be As A Tree

LET ME BE AS A TREE Let my soul rest in you And your roots be as me Let your light dance Silver by night Gold by day Tempest storms Shall not prevail Waters of Heavens life Pour down Reminding me As Angels sing On a hallowed winter’s night Let Holy breath caress Cold or hot Your Colours Change my parade As I Surrender Leaf after leaf Floating down I die and am born anew Let me be a shining tree, Lifting my heart towards thee. By Christina Tracy

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