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The Power of

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Here for such a time as this. Life can never be the same again
when you discover the beautiful deep mystery of Shalom!

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'Shalom - Peace Be With You"  is  a used traditional expression in many global

cultures, yet it is the most neglected, misunderstood and unused miracles

from God, hidden in plain sight. It is Holy Power!

Given for such a time as this but almost entirely has been forgotten and dormant.

It is mysterious treasure of miracles from ancient language and scriptures

released twice into an atmosphere of fear by Jesus Christ himself after

his death and resurrection.

Underestimated and used mostly throughout cultures as a greeting

and goodbye, Shalom, unlocks and releases the unimaginable Holy power of God,

which needs to be targeted specifically in your life, for prosperity, solutions, health,

authority and miracles and more. It is beyond measure and links

in directly to the immeasurable measure of the finished works on the cross.

It is transcends our measurable space and time to not only restore, drive out

darkness, chaos and all that challenges us but it replenishes in the way only God can.

Revealing the overflowing fullness of

a loving God, the one true living Creator to each person individually

an uniquely and collectively. It's application and presence will shock you!

Shalom is a key to the Kingdom of God, completely divine,

joyful and life-changing.

The pages of this book will take you on a journey to a forgotten

mystery within the truth of divine presence through Shalom,

released by Christ in the fullness of love and his finished works to

unleash the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!

No matter who you are, what your story. Shalom is the mightiest of blessings.

A 'super' but natural divine treasure waiting in all it's fullness

to operate in your life especially during these turbulent times.

Shalom takes you into the Kingdom realm,  into Heavens economy, the way, the truth

and the life in full authority as the world tumbles into chaos and deeping darkness.

Are you ready for Shalom - Peace Be With You?


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