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This is a Soaking & Guided Meditation Programme

Important Information on the MP3 Download.

Use Headphones

Running Time: Approximately 34.54 Minutes

Instant Digital Download. 


Provision is more than just money and income, it is also truth and a promise that can be a reality if we learn how to walk in it.
Isn't it time you adjusted to allow, align and experience life, work and receiving multiple flows of provision in the correct way? 


  • In truth, we are supplied and prospered even as your soul is prospered when we remove a poverty mindset, old fear and lack and move into faith and belief. 

  • Even small steps can make a world of difference and change how income comes to you and brings multiple sources of income and support when you before may have never seen it or thought of it!

  • Retrain your whole self to break off bondage and receive multiple flows of provision with words of truth from the Creator heart to a child.

  • Prosperity and abundance are part of provision and it comes easily with adjustments inside to allow new possibilities on the outside of life. 

  • Experiencing supernatural provision is easier when we know and expect nothing less but you got to walk it out and find new confidence and belief in it. 

  • This Meditation Programme is uniquely created to change all of the hidden issues and bring results fast!

  • Receive the Blessings promised by our creator when we understand our true nature and not just the illusion of the struggling world. 

  • Get ready to experience change, renewal, remove old toxic mindsets that are blocking your path and walk in the greatest Provision! 

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