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 Paperback  ISBN - 979-8396363816 - A Full Colour Book.

Thank God - A Visual Daybook of Heavenly and Earthly Beauty with A Collection of Poetry, Prayers, Gratitude & Reflection: Live Life Overflowing in the ... Poems, Scripture, Journaling and Much More .


Introducing "Thank God: Live Life Overflowing in the Goodness of God . A Daybook of Faith, Beauty, Gratitude, and Connection"

Step into a world where heavenly and earthly beauty intertwine, where colours, images and divine love language speaks, and where revelation gives us a way of life to Thank God for. Designed as a devotional daybook to take you on a transformative journey of connection with the Divine. Through it's pages, you will embark on a soul-stirring exploration of visual prompting, heartfelt expression, poetry, gratitude, prayer, scripture, reflection, and so much more.

Enjoy the stunning colour pages for visual prompting to imagine and fully discover and express your gratitude and elevate your faith.
It is a sacred space where your spiritual walk deepens, and your love and thanks for all aspects of life flourish.

As you immerse yourself in the pages of "Thank God," you will encounter the fullness of a Loving God, loving yourself, and loving one another. It is a prayerful invitation to uncover the depths of your own personal richness, embracing the "Riches and Glory" of life's gifts and experiences, all held within the Light of the World, the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ.
It is through this integration of remembrance, awe, and wonder that we can infuse our daily lives overflowing with the goodness of God in profound ways.

Thank God - A Visual Daybook of Heavenly and Earthly Beauty - Color Paperback

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