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 Paperback  ISBN - 978-1-64606-224-9

'Speak' - The Names Of God'

by  Christina Tracy (Author) See all formats and editions Light your heart on fire for God in a whole deeper and powerful relationship, and become empowered to live as a vessel of His divine light in a world longing for His love, presence and grace.As cherished believers, "image bearers" and beloved children, you can embrace the honour of speaking the extensive and sacred names of God. Through this compendium and study of translations between English, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic you will explore His names and character in a whole new way to become closer and into true relationship but also understand why Jesus himself emphasised the need to stand on the word, to speak, say and hear. Know the authority of your own identity as image bearers, unveiling the essence of His Spirit, the power to overcome in written and living word of God, Jesus Christ. So you reflect His divine attributes and embody your destined purpose from the very beginning.

* As heirs of His Kingdom, you possess the extraordinary ability to reveal the true majesty and essence of whoHe is to the world and in you!

* You will uncover a treasure trove of endless gift's of Gods love through His presence and spiritual wisdom throughout the concise and useful compendium that unveils the names, meanings and majesty of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

* 300 Pages.Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, where the power of God's names and the radiant truth, hold heighten your faith and life and light your heart on fire for God, so you live as a vessel of Jesus Christs divine light in a world longing for His love, presence and grace.

ISBN - 978-1-64606-224-9

'Speak' - The Names Of God - Paperback

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