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A Guided Mentoring Soak 

Information on the MP3 Download.

Use Headphones

Track 1: MAIN Soak
Running Time: Approximately 26.18 Minutes

Instant Digital Download. 

A Transformational Booster for Change for use in Rest & Sleep!


This Soak is effective and fast and can be used as a booster when needed and facing challenges.


You will journey into a deeper realm of understanding how to overcome with sound and Holy Spirit guidance in ways with surprising waking life results! 


You can develop the life skills needed to build balance and excellence in your life.

You will be healthier in all of you!

Self-love and a state of appreciation for oneself will support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth.


Your own thoughts, words and actions will be a great power to overcome adversity.

You will no longer fight with your own mind and patterns and will let it go!

You will break out of any vicious cycles of negativity, depression and anxiety.

Your relationships will be healthier.

You’ll be more solid and even financially better.

Your confidence and self-esteem will soar higher than before.

You’ll be more productive, enthusiastic and accumulate much less stress than before as most successes are due to overcoming adversity & More!





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