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Listen to this programme Once a day for a week and YOU WILL FIND where your Financial provision and Harvest is!



Face the challenge of lack, disbelief, poverty and doubt so you OVERCOME fast and locate where the money you need is Gods Way!


Unlock prosperity in the Heart of the Father who Placed the Keys in You as a Promise as an act of creation and provision …


A Mentoring programme filled with keys, answers, miracle power of transformation and great revelations to set you free and supernaturally change your story of MONEY which is written answers all things.


This Mentoring Soaking Programme, Activation and PrayerWave is created to use when resting and sleeping!

Bringing you right to that provision like coming across a filled treasure box and only you have the key! Let's help bring it to you as you sleep and release it from the places where it was placed and hidden especially for you by the wisdom and perfection of the Creator!!

KEYS TO UNLOCKING YOUR MEASURE OF MONEY is a very specific area, powerful, spiritual and something many wrestles with but it should not be in lack and it is filled with God Given insight and answers to your life!


This programme was consciously created as a truthful 'Out of this World' mentoring meditation.


A life-altering programme which is more than just money and income for it is a measure and a sum of parts as well as an exchange.

Use the Keys and Unlock your measure and not a limited amount of Money and receive but one must change inside out and work on shifting the axis point of perceiving which enables receiving but also opens a door of favour and the exact 'Laws of Creation' as they were meant to be!














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