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This is a Soaking Mentoring Programme

Important Information on the MP3 Download.
Use Headphones

Running Time: Approximately 24.37 Minutes

Instant Digital Download.


A Drifting Tonic Mentoring Programme to rejuvenate,  bring in natural and supernatural  Healing on all levels and take you on to a better shore, a better place in mind, body, will and emotions in GOD the Creator whos will it is for your be healed and whole..

If you have been facing challenges for a long time, if you have been sick or struggling with life, finances, family and all that life throws at us, then this programme is full of grace and truth to set you on a new path of healing inside out.


The VOW Sounds are inter-layered into specifically chosen and composed music that put you into depths of deep change, energises. 

Harmonically layered, multi-faceted with the power of language and words using Unique PrayerWaves (no matter what your belief) will quickly get your mind and life focused, your muscles relaxing and energise you free of any stress, obstacles and activate coping capacity so you, your family and life experiences better and more fully bringing victory!


VOW Audible Programmes works deeply and fast to align the right and left brain and the soul and the effect is confidence and assurance changing deep within for almighty change!


VOW programmes are precision created to calm your mind and ease your nervous system, generating deeply felt states of relaxation and adjustments in mind, body Soul allowing for inner and outer change!

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