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This is a Soaking & Mentoring  Sound Experience.


Instant Digital MP3 Download.





A Beautiful Soaking Sound Experience, that is a partnership with the True Great I AM, The Christ, The Alpha and Omega with the Father. 

Gently created with the promises of our Creator Yahweh, for encounter with personal and greater revelation and relationship with the majesty of Creator and Heaven. 


Created to assist with the Light of the World light within to reveal a  path to show you the hopes and plans for your life, you're identity, your value, your innate nature and you are made in his image.

Its time to be far removed from religious minds but to worship and know God, Yahweh in Spirit and Truth! 


This soaking and mentoring sound experience was created to help you rest and breakthrough inside and out. Your story and history may not be the fullness who you was created to be nor the plans of God for your life.  Eternity Breakthrough time is created to reveal truth and change with the spirit of truth in a divine perception and shift. 

Inside of you is a vast capacity for more, especially when you follow Christ Jesus ( Yeshua of Nazareth and are born again.  If you are in him and he is in you then expansion and extreme creative magnitude and the DNA blueprint of God overcomes the fallen mind and flesh. Y

It is a beautiful way to discover learn, change and let go while you rest.

Discover the Miracle of going beyond what you see and experience.  


Eternity Breakthrough time is created to help you remember that You are in the world but not of the world and take you Out of this World and to the truth of God!



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