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Take Time Out of This World!

The Peace of God with the Prince of Peace


A Soaking Mentoring Sound Experience.

For Chillin, Meditation, Rest or Sleep!

Use Headphones

Running Time: 25.15 Minutes


Sometimes with busy lives and chaos its not always easy to enter into a peaceful state of mind and body though we know we should. This is one of VOW Audibles earlier creations, we have come a long way since then but still this is a beautiful and soothing programme that encourages you to meet Yeshua, Aleph Tav, Alpha and Omega. 

Embued with sounds and declaration of The Alpha and Omega and subtle scripture and sounds of creation and word.  

 "Enter Into The Peace of God'  was created to go where His peace brings benefits in all areas of life and can even engage the body's natural healing capacity and enlivening, supporting our daily productivity. 


This uniquely created Meditation Sound Experience speaks for itself and is not really a meditation but a soaking in the experience of peace and consciously entering it safely.

The Sounds are engaging but wash over you and allow you to rest and yet bring to the for deep truth and ultimately elevating your through the combinations of Living sounds, words and more. 

Use at night, on the sofa, in the park, on the beach, a plane or anywhere you can take a little time to come away from the world and enter into the true rest and experience the Peace of Heaven.


Not your normal meditation and completely safe, tranquil yet powerful.




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