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This is a Soaking Meditation Programme for Chillin & Sleep


 MP3 Download.

Running Time: 35.31 Minutes


 One of Our Longer Programmes.

  Instant Digital Download. 


A multi-faceted sound experience for change by VOW Audible.



You can trust this Mentoring Soaking Programme to be effectual and powerful in helping you address and banish Depression by helping to overcome and walk in freedom as it works deeply, clears, heals and shows another way!. It is safe to use no matter your story!


The Creator of all things, God has a completely different story and way of being for you!


Depression be Gone will help you go deep into the root of the problem and release it.  

You only have to relax as the programme carries you into deep, healthy, safe changes.


* We all have experienced the odd days of depression and many live with it for weeks, months and years and try all they can to overcome. Depression Be Gone is really a clean angle and approach to work deeply from inside out to make the changes healthy and safely.


* Through this Soaking  Programme significant changes will be made in mind, body, thoughts to bring optimum change in your feelings, emotions, thoughts and outlooks on life. 


* Aimed to help the listener to be renewing like the eagle, flying high, overcoming, soaring and feeling free from Oppression, heaviness, Depression, anxiety and anything holding you back.


* Created to help overcome and walk in Victory. 


* Soak in the sounds as they wash over you and through you. Faith Filled, hope-filled and truth filled. 


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