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This is a Soaking Mentoring Programme

Important Information on the MP3 Download.
Use Headphones

Tract 1: Introduction Running time 4.32

Track 1: MAIN PROGRAMME Running Time:  21.04 Minutes

Instant Digital Download.


Inside of you is a vast capacity for change, for expansion and extreme creative magnitude which contains a blueprint and also truly unique to you but also unique in all of creation and when you learn to tap into it, then everything changes! 


And though you may never have explored creativity or have been all your life in professional or you feel an amateur musically the sad truth is we very rarely reach anywhere near our limits or potential and touch a tiny fraction of creativity.

Often we stay stuck and not even try new things through fear or limiting thoughts or just feeling blocked by daily life, stress, unbelief and being uninspired. 


This programme is created with you in mind and is going to lift the lid right from your creative limitations, take you out of an old worn box and deliver new processes and take you on a very exciting new journey.  


Unravel and reveal the true you, unbox yourself, shrug of internal and external blocks, the very things that hold you back from exploration and discover the unique you, the you that came from the creators heart, lovingly thought of and inspired before there foundation of the world was created through the use of our unique multi/faceted sounds and the sound of my voice.


TRULY Embracing and tapping into our creative design and the unlimited capacity in the brain and soul can enable us new freedoms that activates real creativity to transform our lives and those around us.  


There is truly nothing to lose, but everything to gain by freely walking into purpose, destiny or creating new stories, new creations for our lives. 



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