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A Beautiful yet Powerful MENTORING Soaking Programme for CHILLIN, REST & SLEEP.

Running Time: 42.57 Minutes

Instant Digital Download. 


Guess what? You are Beautiful!!
Whether you can see it or accept it or not!
This special Soaking programme is here to take you on a journey for beauty's sake on all levels!  
Giving you a real lift, power and internal tonic of grace and pampering from the depth of true beauty, creation and the magnificence of who you really are!   

Beauty isn't just about having a pretty face or perfect figure and this programme will help you radiate all of your beauty inside to outside!


Our society is obsessed with being beautiful externally when there is far more to beauty than what meets the eye.


This lovely programme is like spending a month in a spa where you receive all the pampering and adjustments you would like deep within to align the outside.

Created from a heavenly, heart of the Father's perspective there will be no doubt that you received an infusion of True love, grace, peace, confidence, acknowledgement, beauty and an infusion of Real Glory Light! 

Which adds more color, hope, and vitality than anything external..


If you want to receive a true glow and experience a beauty boost from the inside out then Beauty is a programme sent from Heaven!

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