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This is a Soaking & Guided Mentoring Meditation Programme for rest, soaking and sleep

Important Information on the MP3 Download.

Use Headphones

Running Time: Approximately 26.04 Minutes

Instant Digital Download. 


You can trust this Programme is effectual and powerful in banishing ANXIETY and FEAR, helping the listener to overcome and walk in freedom from Anxiety.  Helping you relax, it carries you into deep, healthy, safe changes. Soak in the sounds as they wash over you and through you.

We all have experienced the odd days of Anxiety, depression or both and many struggles and live with it for weeks, months and years and try all they can to overcome. Anxiety Be Gone is really a clean angle and approach to work deeply from inside out to make the changes healthy and safely.

Through this Soaking Programme, significant changes will be made in my mind, body, thoughts to bring optimum change on my feelings, emotions, thoughts and outlooks on life. 


Aimed to help the listener to be renewing like the eagle, flying high, overcoming, soaring and feeling free from Oppression, heaviness, depression, anxiety, fear and anything holding you back.


Created to help overcome and walk-in victory and freedom. 


Great blankets of fearfulness, heaviness and not feeling in control will shift and allowing space for natural and healthy thoughts, joy and peace to dwell within.

If you have found it hard to relax or feel calm and had very extreme changes in energy levels as well as being generally low Anxiety Be Gone will help you make a significant switch so you remove the spirit of Fear and Anxiety in your life!!

Natural endorphins and Seratonin, hormones and the chemistry in the brain can be restored through your own Healing Capacity. Natural functions will restore, balance flows into all the right places, in the optimum amounts to change the mood, change your inner lens, adjust your viewpoint of life and ultimately change how you experience and expect from life. 

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