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I Am Christina Tracy

We all have a past and stories we are proud of and some not, I have not gone fully into mine here but it is to be shared in videos and a book, but below is just a small introduction into me and how I became a follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I Am Christina Tracy the co-creator of VOW with Almighty God as my Creator and Chief Managing Director and Jesus Christ is in the heart of all I do and live for!

I am a reformed spiritual teacher, a coach, mentor and artist who was radically saved from many far out there New Age deceptions. Now dedicated to live in God's love and by it, and let people know the true Jesus Christ, the Son of God and not purely the new age Christ Consciousness, philosophies, practices or false religions.  

Now I operate in authority and absolute faith in Jesus Christ & God's Kingdom based on the written and living Word of God, the

canon of scriptures, the Bible.

Aiming to equip the lost, unsaved and saved and set them free

one person at a time, to live life in hope and His love. 

A Little of the Story...

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